Workshop Leader

Emily is passionate about music and loves to share her passion with the younger generation (or indeed all ages!). She combines her years of whole-class teaching experience with her training in Music Leadership from Spitalfields Academy, to create educational, fun and inspirational workshops.

To make an enquiry or to book Emily to run a workshop for your class or event, please use her Contact Form

Discovering Flutes (45mins-1hour)
Emily demonstrates many different flutes from her collection, including panpipes, ocarina, penny whistle, quenacho, recorder, flute, piccolo and gemshorn, not only performing beautiful pieces from classical, folk and world music repertoire on these flutes but using them to explain how flutes actually make a sound, and how to change notes. Instruments are passed around, discussions opened and questions asked, and as a finale Emily can create a flute from a vegetable in front of the group – always a crowd pleaser, but also a wonderful demonstration of all that has been learnt about how flutes work.

” What a delight it was to hear your presentation on Discovering Flutes at Earthfest on Saturday. It was one of the most interesting pieces of musical education I can remember. “ – audience feedback, July 2023

“Emily delivered a flute workshop to our Year 2 children at school. Throughout the whole session the children were engaged and really enjoyed learning about the different instruments. She managed our lively children extremely well and held their attention for the whole workshop. Making a flute out of a carrot was a highlight and something the children will remember for a long time to come. We would like to thank Emily for an engaging well thought out workshop where the children learned lots about instuments and had a really great time.” – class teacher feedback, Blackhorse School, July 2023

South American Rhythms Workshop with guitarist Francisco Correa (half day)
Combining Emily’s passion for, and extensive training and experience in creative music leading with Francisco’s in-depth knowledge of South American rhythms, Emily and Francisco take pride in running stimulating, educational, flexible and truly interactive workshops for school children or musicians in the community. Emily and Francisco’s workshops are fully tailored to the abilities, ages and instruments of the participants, but always contain a mixture of these elements:
• LISTENING: Top quality performance of Latin American music by the duo
• LEARNING: Teaching some rhythms found in Latin American music, such as habanera, tango, milonga, samba, using clapping and body percussion and then moving onto instruments
• CONNECTING TO KNOWN MUSIC: Linking these rhythms to familiar contemporary pop music – listening to selected clips of pop music on spotify and identifying the Latin American rhythms we have learnt as the beat behind the music
• PLAYING: Learning a piece involving one of these rhythms, or if time, creating our own
• PERFORMING: Running the piece together

Music Explorers (10 lessons or more, done over a term or two)
Emily uses her passion as an musician, skill as a performer and experience as a teacher to run whole-class workshops over the course of a term, or more. During these lessons, Emily uses the instruments on hand (normally recorders, fifes, or whistles) to teach the class the basics of music reading, and playing their instruments, through musical games designed to be fun and surprising. She is an inspirational class teacher, and loves this work. During longer courses, the first term is spent learning to play the instrument, and the second term is used to write a piece of music together collaboratively, using their skills and developing creativity, confidence and collaboration among the class. This piece would be performed at the end of the course.